Malcolm Green
Age 27
Hometown Cambridge, MA
Occupation Unemployed
Place 17th
Challenges Won Unknown
Malcolm Green is a contestant on the fourth season of MasterChef.


Malcolm got his apron on the third day of auditions. His audition was not shown. In the lamb challenge, Malcolm was deemed as one of the eight the judges were unsure about moving forward in the competition. He was the first to present his dish: a trio of lamb consisting of grilled lamb chop, a cilantro and Dijon sausage, and a loin salad. The dish gained him a spot in the MasterChef kitchen.

Malcolm's dish for the first Mystery Box challenge was not shown. In the Langoustine Elimination Test, he created a stuffed Langoustine tail over a bed of pasta. Malcolm ended up in the Bottom 3 for severely undercooking his langoustine. His dish was declare the best of the worst.



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