Sasha Foxx
Age 42
Hometown Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Occupation Singer
Place 19th
Challenges Won Unknown
Sasha Foxx was a contestant in the fourth season of MasterChef.


Sasha auditioned on the second day, preparing a Southern fried Cornish hen with an orange Bourbon maple glaze and some French crêpes. The judges love her dish and the soul she put into it, giving her three yes's and an apron. Sasha's performance in the lamb challenge brought her into the MasterChef kitchen.

Sasha's dish was not shown for the first Mystery Box. She immediately expressed infamiliarity with the langoustine, having no idea what it even was. She ended up creating langoustine over cheese grits. The dish was a complete failure, with a combination of flavors that should never go together. Gordon remarked that the dish looked like someone pooped on the plate, and Joe said she changed the worth of the langoustine from $50 to 55 cents. She was the third called up into the bottom 3, and her dish was declared the worst, ending her time in MasterChef kitchen.

Sasha later returned, along with the other contestants, to cheer on the two finalists.



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